is much more than
a logo.

A cohesive, well-designed brand combines creativity, transparency and rationality to meet the needs of users and contribute to the success of your company.


If you think about branding – you are in the right place.

I will help you achieve your business goals. For me each project is a story that I convey in the universal language of colors, forms and characters. I have knowledge, experience and an endless supply of creative ideas. I work with clients both at local and international level. I will create for you a visual identity that will serve as an effective marketing tool for many years. Creativity is difficult to put into a rigid framework, so I evaluate all projects individually and regardless of the scale or budget, I treat them with an open mind and full commitment.

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The standard package includes logo, typography, colors, selected corporate designs and graphics for social media. The brand tips and visualizations collected in the brand guidelines book will help you stay consistent and make a brilliant first impression!

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I will take care of your online presence – I will implement a full website project based on an easy-to-use WordPress content management panel or design the layout itself that you provide to coders – depending on your goals and budget.



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First meeting

I approach each project individually, that’s why we’ll start with a short interview – during a meeting or virtual coffee (via Skype). Getting to know the business context and its challenges I will be able to work more effectively and provide a well-tailored solution.

Once we set the goal of the project, I will present you a personalised valuation, schedule and we’ll sign a contract – I care that the cooperation is based on mutual respect for our experiences and qualifications. Then I’ll analyze your competition and outline the overall stylistic concept.

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Sketching ideas

By sketching, I verify the idea, I explore various versions. I experiment with forms, lines and shades. I choose the direction and color palette that best suits the brand. I will create visualizations to test the logo in different situations and places of use.

Finally, the brand guidelines book will be created – a document containing details of the brand and the ways of its consistent implementation. The size and complexity of a book depends on how many of design work will be done in cooperation, but usually includes more than 20 pages. I will also provide you with the property copyrights for the project and the necessary files.

Final concept

Let’s create a unique brand for your project!

The first impression – branding is the ability to accurately represent the right message to potential customers and exert a positive, lasting impression.

Professionalism – everyone appreciates a good design, regardless of whether they recognize it or not. A well-designed brand also shows that you pay attention to details and take your business seriously.

Trust – when people see that your logo, profiles in social media, website, business cards and advertisements are well-designed and consistent, they assume that your offers and services will also be. And it builds trust and increases the loyal, committed group of recipients.

Recognition – a clear, consistently built brand gives the recipients a positive image of your company and helps them remember it.

Efficiency and certainty – comprehensive branding saves time (and stress), eliminating dilemmas and corrections during the preparation of subsequent marketing elements. By using the brand guidelines book, you will avoid improper exposure of the brand by external companies.


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My name is Iga and I will design a brand that will reflect the unique values of your company. After years of experience in full-time job and work as a freelancer, at the beginning of a year 2018 I founded the

Directional art education and more than 10 years of experience in graphic design shapeded My vision of creative work and a completely unique perspective. I created in response to the wrong industry conventions and I use new processes that better suit customers by offering them premium value. I provide a solid and consistent identity for offline and online brands that I can complete with a photography services. In addition, I have an airline qualification VLOS/UAV (photo/video drone).

Being a mom and at the same time designer and owner of the graphic studio is a challenge, but I’m always thankful for past opportunities for development and trust. Working with passionate entrepreneurs is always a special privilege for me. Every day I’m inspired by the irresistible optimism, creative risk and dedication I see in my clients during our cooperation.


I will help you revive your vision. If you want to talk about cooperation in creating a new brand or prospects for the development of an existing project, I invite you to contact me.