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Each of us speaks in public. This is a key skill in social life and at work. Dr Ewa Pawlak – academic lecturer, trainer, manager and consultant, has been teaching you how to do it professionally and in harmony with yourself. For 12 years, she has been managing teams of people, actively cooperating with business, universities, public administration, non-governmental organizations, providing teaching, training and consulting services. Out of passion for what she does, she founded the brand JABŁKO EWY and asked me to visualize it.

Brand mission is to help people discover their own style of public speaking.

BRAND VALUES: simplicity | non – commercialism | style | nature | strength | professionalism

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What motivated you to hire a graphic designer?

dr Ewa Pawlak – Eve’s apple: I am aware of the importance of visual identification, also of a personal brand. As a doctor of economics in marketing, I didn’t have to look for any special motivation. I know it’s a necessity.

How did you make your choice – how did you find out about my services? Have you considered alternative offers? What finally convinced you to choose me for this project?

E.P.: Of course, the magic of social media worked, thanks to which I learned about your services. I reviewed your previous projects and based my decision on that. I wasn’t looking for alternative solutions. Your professionalism has taken me – both completed projects and your promotional materials.

Can you give examples of how you are using the created visual identity since we ended our cooperation?

E.P.: In connection with my consulting and didactic activities, I often share my example of creating a personal brand. Branding is used by me primarily during events to which I am invited as a speaker, but also in my training materials.

What are your overall impressions of our cooperation?

E.P.: I am a demanding customer, paying attention to every detail of the design and customer service process. In my opinion, you represent the highest quality in both areas.

And what specific benefits did you observe in your activity thanks to the project I carried out?

E.P.: The most important personal benefit for me is the close link between branding and my values. The assumption is that my business will be niche, non-commercial. Eve’s apple intrigues, generates questions and interest in the environment. The goal is more to promote a personal brand than to acquire new customers. And thanks to this visual identity it is achieved.

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