- rebranding of a housing cooperative

The Metalowiec Housing Cooperative in Gorzów Wielkopolski was established in 1982. On the 35th anniversary of its operations, the current management of the cooperative decided to face the difficult task of rebranding. The new image included not only a change in the visual identity of the brand, but also involved the development of a marketing strategy, implementation of a new management style and tone of communication.

The beginning of this process was devoted to a closer look at the style of work, difficulties faced by the management of the cooperative, the vision of development and the company’s goals. Together, we agreed how it should be perceived – as a reliable, friendly, efficient and modern cooperative, with experienced staff and ready for new challenges.

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The logo I propose is in the form of a monogram, which consists of the initial of the name METALOWIEC, which simultaneously creates the outline of the house and uses the motif of the weave – a symbol of cooperation. Impressively, this sign refers to more than a hundred years old TRADITION of housing cooperatives in Poland – by association with the crest or crown emphasizes the reputation achieved on the market.

The geometric form enclosed in a square expresses order, rationality and balance. The signet’s formality is broken by modern typography and fresh, friendly colors.

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What was the motivation for rebranding and employing a graphic designer?

Krzysztof Kaczanowski – Chairman of the Board, Metalowiec: Our cooperative had a logo, or rather extended graphics, from several dozen years ago, which simply did not identify the company, and was also associated with the ancient times of a bygone era.

How was the choice made – how did you find out about my services? Have you considered alternative offers? What finally convinced you to choose me for this project?

K.K.: I met you at a networking meeting, where you presented your company and the services you provide. It coincided with my ideas for changes. Both the presentation of your company, possibilities and achievements, as well as your personality immediately convinced me to cooperate and I was not looking for alternative offers.

Can you give examples of how you have used the branding since we ended our cooperation?

K.K.: Metalowiec has radically changed its image:

– new website,
– created profile on FB,
– new corporate identification: letterhead, business cards, email footers,
– production of folders / offer catalogs,
– on the occasion of facade repairs, markings appear on the Cooperative’s buildings in the form of a new logo,
– the materials on the notice boards are signed with a new logo,
– a new sign and large format mesh advertising about space for rent were installed on our headquarter.

What are your general impressions of our cooperation?

K.K .: You approached the topic professionally. The service was not limited to drawing a logo, as hundreds of graphic designers can do on the market, but first you conducted an extensive interview and examined the needs, history, development plans of the Cooperative, etc. (the concept of the logo was adopted by the management board without comments)

And what specific results / improvements have you seen in activity of Metalowiec thanks to branding?

K.K .: We see that Metalowiec is better perceived among current residents / members. The main direction of our development is acquiring new housing communities for management. Modern branding has definitely improved the so-called “first impression” and facilitated conversations and, consequently, the acquisition of customers.

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